here are some words from our guest book in the Cabin at Strawberry Hill
copied as written


The powerful oak
Shuttered her leaves all night long
Buddha sat and smiled.    
June 2017

It was meant to be!  To tell the truth, we were looking for a simple bed to crash for one night.  I wrote down the wrong phone number and instead, found a little paradise.  
We are already trying to find a way and time to return .   
March 2017

Without a shadow or a doubt, something magical beyond words lives here.  This is how life was to be lived.  In nature, unplugged, with the one you love.  Free of all the city strife.   
December 2016

Thank you for building such a perfect little place like this.  Perspective is something not thought about until it's lost.  Having a place like this to retreat to was exactly what we needed to find ours.   
November 2016

We have stayed at Big Cat Cabin at least 5 times and were positive it was the perfect cabin, until we tried Strawberry Hill; so now we believe there are two perfect cabins!   They are different in ways but both share serenity, charm, artistic touches and much thoughtfulness that make it difficult to leave ...  
May 2016

He surprised me with a weekend at Strawberry Hill.  Driving here we were reminded of our first time, going deeper into the mountains, not sure if we would get lost on the meandering roads.  But, as soon as we saw Strawberry's blue roof ...home.  We quickly dumped our things, opened a bottle of the wine and positioned ourselves on the front porch, wrapped in a blanket.  And it happened, as it does every time.   April 2016

Thank you !  Beautiful cabin to bring me back to life!     
March 2016

Did you feel our happiness back when you planned this cabin?
January 2016

With the Love of our lives
Natural and creative
Beauty all around
November 2015

Thank you for making us feel so welcome here at Strawberry Hill.  We only had two days but thanks to your warm hospitality, we immediately felt at home here.
August 2015

The most spiritual experience I've ever had in my life with my husband!  The sky is close, the plants are breathing, birds are singing - We are totally refreshed and healed by this beautiful nature.
March 2015

Renewing, Reviving
On the porch,
Watching the full moon set to begin a new day,
We found peace
We found beauty
We found hope
June 2014

The cabin never disappoints!   No matter how often we come ( and its never enough)
we leave feeling the peace and spirit this cabin gives.
February 2014

If we ever envisioned the perfect cabin in the woods -- this must be it.  Your artistic detail and thoughtfulness are appreciated.
December 2013

I can sum up this whole trip in three words -- She said yes.
August 2013

5th visit!  A life affirming alternate reality -- legal too!
June 2012

We arrived here exhausted, beleaguered, sad and weary after a hard year of many things.  Music and softness, comfort, beauty, simplicity and magic greeted us.  We have treasured every second - every raindrop, wind gust, blustery blow and snowy blanket.  We leave here - ready to comeback!  But also rested and recharged.  
March 2012

Living space as a work of art. Our time was divine!
April 2011

Shhh -- let the magus of the place take you away from all the cares of the world.
November 2010

So quick, it seems This place is a beautiful analogy for life. Our eyes roam the distant horizons always interested in what beauty can be found, but the clouds roll in and the wind blows forcing us to turn inward - a place we rarely visit. We find there, a place of simplicity and quiet.
And for that we are always grateful.
November 2010

Final score: Me 1, Writer's Block 0
July 2010

There are all too few moments in life when we know we are in the right place at the right time, this is one of those moments.
May 2010

Wind whistling through the trees
Blue jays flitting from tree to tree
My loves hand caressing my face
Leaves playing with the sun
Deer lounging under the cabin
Mountain tops floating on the morning fog
Staccato drum of a woodpecker
Gaggle of turkey chicks
Yet again our warmest, thank you
May 09

Awesome place. I am rejuvenated.
Mar 09

It had been a soft day when we arrived at the Cabin at Strawberry Hill. It had rained in the morning as we exchanged vows and rings, but as we arrived the rain had turned into a veil of mist so that it seemed that the little Cabin with the bonny blue roof seemed to be floating on a cloud. The stone path was lit with low lanterns which kept the mist at bay as we climbed up the stairs to the covered porch and on into the smartly furnished one room cabin. Every thing seemed to have been carefully picked not only for its usefulness but as if each piece was a work of art.
Jan 09

Reality beckons and I must leave but not without regret. Next time I go kicking and scratching. Thank you for the hospitality - I haven't felt this welcome in a new adventure for years.
Dec 08

We woke up early to watch the sunrise and it was like sitting by the ocean - the wind passing through the trees sounded like crashing waves and the fog covering the mountains
looked like the retreating tide. It was pretty awe-inspiring.
And then we promptly went back to sleep in your amazing bed.
Nov 07

You've maintained the integrity of the natural here.
Oct 07

Two days are not enough ! We have never before been awakened by the sound of wild turkeys. 16 of them by our count and they do go "gobble, gobble".... We spent hours thinking about how we would design our own little cabin for two. Finally realized you have created a setting so close to our ideas of perfection that we will just have to claim this as our getaway.
Oct 07

A beautiful place in a beautiful place. Better than a hundred marriage counselors,
Apr 08

Paradise does exist!! and it is Julian. There are two angels taking care of everything.
We spent a perfect weekend.
Jan 07

When you book a cabin on-line, you know you are taking a chance.
The photos looked inviting, but...
But any apprehension we had was immediately dispelled the
moment we walked in the cabin door,
heard the music, and viewed our wonderful new hide-away.
This place is blessed with a peacefulness not found anywhere else.
As we read the pages of this book we find that common thread of PEACE.
No matter where the other guests have come from or where they are headed,
we had all found that much needed solitude.
May 07

I've heard it's the little things that count,
but have never seen it so true until Strawberry Hill.
Oct 06

Oh My ! What an enchanting time we had at this little cabin in the woods.
Strawberry Hill appears to sit above the bustle of city-life,
caught somewhere between heavenly skies and rustic forestry.
Dec 06

The charming magic of Strawberry Hill has captured yet another soul.
This escape is exactly what I needed.
Stargazing at night, thinking at one point, half asleep, that the crickets were a CD!
July 07

One night here and I forgot there was a worry in the world.
I was left with great music and a warm fire.
There's nothing more I could've asked for.
Mar 07

Oh Nan and Chuck! Where do I begin? ... We began making plans to simplify our lives
(we even daydreamed about somehow living in the cabin forever!) ...
As I sit here, watching the sun slowly moving across the hills,
listening to the wind moving through the trees,
I know this is just the first of many visits to come.
Aug 06